Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla Harding and Gabby Thomas secret romance affair in ultimate betrayal

EMMERDALE fans have suggested Leyla Harding and Gabby Thomas could have a secret romance in upcoming weeks as they try to work out why Gabby is gunning for her boss and friend.

Gabby Thomas (played by Rosie Bentham) was revealed as the culprit who was tormenting Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) earlier this year. Despite being confused as to why a friend would do such a thing to her, Leyla forgave the teenager very quickly and instead, embarked on a mission to help her get back onto the right path. But what the Take A Vow wedding planner doesn’t know, is Gabby is still scheming behind her back, especially when it comes to her relationship with Liam Cavanagh (Johnny McPherson). So much so, Emmerdale fans have began suggesting the pair could embark on their own romance.

Gabby blamed Leyla for her mother, Bernice Blackstock’s (Samantha Giles) decision to stay in Australia.

She argued, that if Leyla hadn’t have pursued Liam, then Bernice would’ve returned after helping her daughter and ex-partner Down Under.

But, as for why the young woman is still meddling in Liam’s life, Emmerdale viewers are yet to find out.

They have however, been theorising an unrequited love, could the two have a secret affair?

Taking to Reddit to discuss, one user kicked off a forum with: “Speaking of curses, if the Gabby speculation is correct, there’s a decent chance Leyla would go for it…”

“Given if I’m recalling correctly, Leyla is still next in line on the Cheated Hypocrisy curse. (sic)

“What is the Cheated Hypocrisy curse you ask?

“The Cheated Hypocrisy Curse is a line of characters who’ve been cheated on, that then later became cheaters themselves.

“It started all the way back with Cameron cheating on Debbie, passing on to Pete, and now has sat with Leyla these past years.

“(Unless I’m actually forgetting a relationship she cheated on within that time, in which case, never mind, the curse actually rests with them then).

“And so it’s her turn to cheat on Liam, passing the curse onto him (yeah he already has cheated, but the effect is that they cheat after being cheated on).” The comment read.

Fans replied to this suggestion, and one said: “Leyla was the third party in Tracey/David’s relationship. Does that count? If so, Tracey’s up next. Who would she cheat with?”

“No, it’s still Leyla. She has to actually cheat on someone she’s currently with to pass it on to them,” someone corrected.

Another added: “She won’t do [cheat with] Gabby. Not after the Maya thing. Also, I like Leyla and would be very disappointed if she did.”

“Gabby is in uni so she’s an adult but there must be a considerable age diff between her and Leyla,” one remarked.

And another replied: “I guess Gabby’s 18 and Leyla around 40. It wouldn’t be illegal, but it would be a bit gross. Especially since Leyla’s known Gabby since she was a small child.”

Elsewhere in the village, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is set to depart.

Official soap spoilers have revealed how she will pack her bags and exit the village after sleeping with Ellis Chapman (Aaron Anthony).

Realising she has now lost Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) for good, is there any reason Dawn should stay?

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