Neighbours spoilers: Yashvi Rebecchi to exit as she’s murdered by villain Scarlett Brady?

NEIGHBOURS favourite Yashvi Rebecchi could be set to make a deadly exit from the Channel 5 soap as a former villain returns to Ramsay Street, hellbent on getting revenge.

Yashvi (played by Olivia Junkeer) has been at the centre of one of Neighbours’ most dramatic storylines of the year recently, bringing down boss Dax Braddock (Dean Kirkright) who had been running an illegal drug ring. Having dealt with one crooked villain, she is set to come face-to-face with boyfriend Ned Willis’ (Ben Hall) crazed former lover Scarlett Brady (Christie Whelan Browne) returns to the Channel 5 soap in upcoming scenes. With the sinister character more unhinged than ever, will the young police officer end up losing her life as the two women go head-to-head in one last showdown?

The last time Scarlett was seen on Ramsay Street, she had brutally attached Ned after developing an unhealthy obsession with him.

It was Yashvi who ended up saving his life, despite her own injuries, and the pair have been enjoying a relationship ever since.

Unfortunately, it seems the villain was never jailed for her crimes and has been stalking her former lover as a mysterious Fandangle client who has been asking for nude photographs of him.

When the budding artist and his girlfriend decided to take a countryside break, however, he is disturbed to hear the unknown character knows exactly where he is.

Arranging to meet, the youngster is horrified as he realises Scarlett is the person who has been harassing him, but just how far will she go to get revenge on him and Yashvi?

Although Ned is terrified about what is going to happen, Scarlett tells him she will leave him alone if he paints a portrait of her.

The youngster has no choice but to agree as the villain threatens to leak his x-rated pictures online, which would allow Yashvi to discover what her boyfriend has been up to.

However, the unhinged character always has another trick up her sleeve and knowing her former lover is now in a relationship with the young police officer, she could eye up the police officer as her next target.

Not putting it past the sinister villain to resort to murder, will Yashvi be caught up in the drama and become collateral damage as Scarlett’s obsession with Ned becomes too powerful?

Speaking exclusively to about the villain’s return, Yashvi star Olivia teased what’s to come from her character’s part in the storyline.

Asked if her alter-ego is anxious about coming face-to-face with Scarlett, the actress said: “I don’t think Yashvi is worried.

“I think she never knows what to expect with Scarlett and initially she was intimidated by Scarlett before she actually knew who she was.

“I think now [Yashvi] definitely feels more powerful and sort of untouchable, but there’s probably no one else she hates more than Scarlett!”

“[Yashvi] finds it very hard to rein in her rage and anger towards her. She has to be professional when seeing her, but you do see that rage and see her seethe internally!” the soap star added.

Therefore, the two women do have a lot of hatred towards one another, so they could enter into a tense face-off.

Although Yashvi would try to stay professional, the villain would know exactly which buttons to press to make her love rival hit out.

As their altercation turns violent, however, will Scarlett end the beloved character’s life to make sure she doesn’t come between her and Ned ever again?

On reprising her role a year after she was last on the soap, actress Christie Whelan Browne, 38, has expressed her excitement over Scarlett’s long-awaited return.

The soap star said of working with Ned actor Ben Hall: “Yeah, Ben is amazing to me on set. Really looks out for me like I’m the new kid at school. He is so awesome and plus, a complete pro

“Always knows his lines and what scene is coming next and where the characters have come from in every moment- which isn’t always easy on a show as quickly shot as Neighbours.”

Viewers are also intrigued to see the villain return as one wrote on Twitter: “Yes! Scarlett is coming back! @Christie_Whelan #Neighbours.”

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